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Monday, March 22, 2010

If only they were poly . . . .

This came up the other day in conversation somehow. I think I even posted something about it on my Facebook Wall.

Do you ever watch one of those TV shows with the happy moral ending and think "If only they were poly, they wouldn't have that problem!"
Or maybe you listen to your friends talk about their relationships and bite your tongue until it bleeds thinking "If you were poly that wouldn't be a problem and I wouldn't have to listen to your whining!"

I seem to do that a lot when I hear about other relationships. Sometimes it really would solve a problem. Other times, it really isn't fair. We all know, just being poly doesn't avoid relationship issues. You can still have poor communicators, bad lovers, and for some reason those who can even find a way to break the rules and cheat! And the argument goes the other way, that monogamy doesn't solve all the problems either. I'm not sure there is a relationship design that can't have problems!

Let's get back to TV though.

I personally don't watch much regular television but am addicted to movies. A couple of shows I catch regularly are "Two and a Half Men" and "That 70's show".

For those who haven't seen Two and a Half Men the main character played by Charlie Sheen is a slut. Personally I think the guy is poly and just hasn't figured it out yet. He is constantly bringing home different women, sleeping with them, and doing a poor job of hiding it from everyone else. Doooooood, just tell them you are poly! You ARE poly! Then you wouldn't have to do a bad job of trying to hide it anymore.

That 70's Show has a cast of teenagers with Mila Kunis being one girl on the show who ends up being passed around between three of the guys over the course of several seasons. Yup, they should just try poly.
Then there are the next-door neighbors who have key parties, nudist parties, date other people, and try swinging over the course of several seasons. I'm convinced they have tried poly but didn't mention it. Not quite sure why it didn't work out either, they seem like a good fit for it.

That brings us to the question of the day. . . What poly friendly or themed shows do you know of, even if they don’t openly promote themselves as poly on the show. Poly movies?
And what shows do you regularly watch and find yourself saying "They should be poly!!"

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