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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A great body equals great sex?

Which would you rather have, a great body or great sex?

This was a street survey question posed on the daytime show Better. (Don't ask why I was watching the show, I'm still not sure).
Anyway, I found the answers quite interesting. Though obviously not a scientific or even reliable survey the majority of those who answered said that they would want a great body because it would lead to great sex.

Seriously. Regardless of gender the responders indicated a great body would lead to great sex.

I had to state that twice because while watching the show I did a double-take. These people were actually serious! Which really made me wonder how these people qualify sex as 'great'. Their logic, from some comments made, was that if they had a great body they would attract a sexual partner who also had a great body. The result would be great sex.

Not to toot my horn but I have been with women considered by both myself and others as beautiful. Not that I am a great looking guy by any means, I consider myself completely average which may actually be an embellishment! In my experience beauty has absolutely no relationship to the quality of sex. Some of those beautiful women were awful in bed. Then again, I've had awesome sex with women of average beauty.

Now don't get me wrong. All things being equal obviously I'd like my partner to have a great body. A nice body is a good turn-on, fun to gaze upon, and enjoyable to the touch. But that still doesn't make for great sex. That really made me wonder if people are so superficial that if their partner has a great body it is enough to help them overlook poor sexual quality.

My next thought was how I would answer the question. Putting it in terms of absolutes, if I had a great body I could never have great sex. And if I had great sex I could never have a great body. Really, that wasn't the question. But it did help me to find my own answer.

Would having great sex preclude me from having a great body? No.
Likewise would having a great body preclude me from having great sex? No.

Which resulted in this logic. . . If I have a great body I may still have to search for great sex. And searching for great sex can be quite difficult. If I have great sex but a not so good body, I will have to work on making my body better.
At that point the answer for me was easy, I want the great sex.
Here's why; I have a certain amount of control over my own body. I can change how I eat, exercise, bathe, dress, groom, etc. My body is always with me and I know where to find it. Great sex on the other hand is not something I have a lot of control over. I could search for a long time to find a partner with whom I have great sex, or even a partner interested in achieving great sex with me. I also think having great sex does a lot for a person physically and emotionally which would help them achieve a great body should they desire to have one.

So which would you prefer? A great body or great sex? Don't just answer the question though. Give us a bit of the logic behind your answer so we know why you chose as you did.


  1. Great sex without question.

    Even if I don't go with your logic of having some control over my body (you could work on the body easier than finding great sex), I would still want the great sex.

    I thought of the question in terms of there being no way to have both. You either get the great sex or you get the great body. I wouldn't mind a better body but truthfully I don't have total control over that. Genetics are not my best friend in that area. I'm not obese and I get quite a bit of attention. However, I will never have a "Barbie body" no matter how much work I put into it.

    So, from my experience, great sex is NOT dependent on a great body. I've been with men who would be considered a great body and men that would not be considered that. The greatest percentage of great sex has come from the men that aren't "Ken".

    So, really, why would I consider choosing a great body over great sex?

  2. lovingmorethanone,

    You have chosen . . . wisely!

    Ok seriously, thanks for another great comment and for sharing the logic behind your choice!


  3. Great sex by far. I'm already a stud.

    OK, OK, let me stop. Just clowing around.
    Seriously though, if I could only have one, I would choose great sex. What would be the point of having a superbly chiseled body if my sex life was unfulfilled?

    As a matter fact, I once told my wife that if my 'tool' were ever to be rendered completely useless, permanently and beyond any medical repair, that I would rather die.

    So yeah....I choose great sex.

  4. What I'm finding interesting is that from the few responses I've gotten on this article people are choosing great sex rather than a great body. That is what I expected when I originally saw the survey, and completely opposite from the results.
    Thinking about this some more I'm wondering if the people responding to the question on TV were embarrassed about choosing sex on television so they chose a great body.

    @Marco - Thanks for the comment, and the laugh! I don't think I would want to die if I became sexually handicapped but I don't think life would be quite as much fun anymore either.


  5. This year, I turn 57 years old. Until about three months ago, my answer would always be that I wanted great sex over a great body. Well, I had a strong, healthy, vibrant body; of course I wanted great sex. My sixteen year marriage was exciting in the social and business world, but dead in bed. So, as a vital woman, I preferred great sex. After my marriage, I chose a western-style, neo-tantra path, that led me to great sex with opportunity to be with imaginative and vital lovers. I had a smorgasbord of incredible sex.

    In February of this year, I had a bit of a health set back. In addition to having an undiagnosed nervous break down, I managed a painful case of shingles. Right now, as I work to restore my health, I claim that a great body is more desirable than great sex.

    Oh geeze! Who am I fooling? I still say that great sex is better than a great body!

  6. Kameshwari,

    That was the best laugh I have had in a while, thank you!

    Best wishes for the improvement of your health :)