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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stop poking me!

Yes, the title almost sounds provocative or even concerning. And maybe that is what this article will become.

This morning I woke up slowly and felt a slight pain in my back. Thinking I had slept wrong I just wiggled a bit to see if the kink would work itself out. But it didn't. As someone with a history of back problems I was a bit concerned. I sometimes wake with a stiff back that relaxes after a little while but I don't usually wake up with pain.

I rolled onto my side and the pain went away. A good sign. I lay like that a while, dozing a bit more. But before long I went back to my usual position flat on my back. Hmm, the pain returned.

This time I rolled to my other side and once again, the pain disappeared. I continued to roll onto my stomach and again, no pain. (Yes, I have a very large bed). Rolling back onto my back, the pain returned. I tried bringing my legs up and adjusting myself a bit but the pain remained.

Finally I reached to feel the spot on my back thinking maybe I could massage out the kink, find a bug bite or something like that. Instead I found a barrette. One of those little metal arrow shaped thingies that snaps back and forth.

I quickly realized it had come from the pretty head of my new love. We had enjoyed some private time together the night before. Apparently the barrette had become dislodged and lost in the bed covers, noticed by neither of us at the time.

I put the barrette back where I found it. I laid back down and again felt the pain in my back.

This time I didn't move. I just smiled and remembered.


  1. Just goes to show you that not all pain is a bad thing. Nice post of a nice memory.

  2. The beauty of loving more than one.