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Friday, November 26, 2010

Canadian Polygamy Law Reference Case

Opening arguments in the Canadian Polygamy Law Reference Case started on Monday (11.22.10) and are already looking quite interesting. (Reference Trial of s. 293 to test its constitutionality. s.293 is the Canadian law that bans polygamy).

The following blog by Nancy Mereska is so far covering the case nicely. Nancy has a seat in the courtroom and is apparently taking some awesome notes which she is then posting to the blog.
Stop Polygamy in Canada

Day 2 of the case got more interesting with B.C. Attorney General Mr. Craig Jones' opening statement including the sentence "Polygamy must be restricted to polygyny and not polyandry, polyamory, etc."

Theories are flying at why that statement would be included with some believing it a setup for failure of the criminal code. Stating it is okay for women to have multiple marriages but not men is an interesting if not blatantly discriminatory statement that has me wondering if there is still some misunderstanding of terms, the issues, or both.

Either way this is truly shaping up to be the show to watch for those interested in or practicing alternative lifestyles!

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