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Monday, February 7, 2011

New Poly oriented dating site!

(Image from site).

As a follow-up to my article about OkCupid! I wanted to let you all know about a new dating site:

From their information page:
Polyamory central for individuals, couples & groups!
Ability to have couples on a single profile & join groups!
FREE memberships to be able to browse other members!
Comprehensive and easy to use web platform!
Wide variety of personal interest selections!
Straight foward activation and deactivation of membership!
PayPal subscription does NOT require PayPal account!
Password protect your photos with FREE membership!
Offering broad and in-depth resources! Send direct messaging/chat with premium membership!

They have been advertising pretty heavily on forums and message boards lately and the site is apparently pretty new. I signed up on the site and gave it a once over and things looked pretty good. The site is definitely poly oriented with the ability to put a couple on a single profile. Their personal interests section is fairly well detailed though it does appear somewhat sexually oriented with the ability to rate interest in things such as Anal Sex or Public Sex. There is also a Resource page with a large number of links to articles by Franklin Veaux.

I don't know about anyone else, but anytime I hear about a poly focused or oriented site I get pretty excited. There just aren't that many resources out there.

After a couple of days I went back to the site and took another, more in-depth look at things. That's when I became disappointed. Like some other sites, likes to tease. Yes, you can sign up for free. Yes, you can search members with your free membership. You can even message other members with your free membership. BUT, only with canned messages. To have an actual conversation with someone you have to sign up for a "Premium Membership". (If I remember, this is the basic model PMM - PolyMatchmaker operates under).

Okay, "I'll bite" I thought, how much is a Premium Membership? $39.99 per month!!! If you want to pay for a longer period, say 6 months, they give you a break down to $119.99 which drops the price to $19.99/month if my math is right. (By comparison I believe is still about $30.00 per month, though if you can get them to tell you what a membership costs before you sign up you are ahead of most people). Add to that the fact that a search in my major metropolitan area for ANY females within 50 miles of my zip code reveals exactly 2 matches (neither of which has a complete profile) and my recommendation on is a solid PASS. Head back over to OkCupid! or maybe Heck, even PMM - is still only $5 per month and there are a lot more people on the site! (With the same search I performed above but a limit of 25 miles I get will over 40 results in my area).

In summary I'm sorry to say just doesn't appear to be worth the time. The cost is higher than most sites and until the site is populated with users, even a Premium Membership isn't going to do you a bit of good.

I really need to stop getting excited about these sites.

Do any of you have suggestions? Do you know of any Poly oriented or focused dating sites? And if so, are they free or do they tease like the sites I mentioned?


  1. Sounds like the prices of this site and the lack of nearby available matches make this social network not all that friendly. Therefore another reason to look at OKCupid as being a more Poly-friendly dating site.

  2. Kameshwari,

    Actually it is looking more and more like there is a viable niche market waiting to be tapped. OkCupid! is okay, as is PMM, but a poly specific site based on a business model like OKC is using, without member fees, sounds like it could do very well.


  3. I will confess that some of my comments to The Polyamory Paradigm entries are written without regard to the questions that are posed for discussion. I agree that there is a nice Poly-related niche waiting to be tapped, especially if there were a site that would be available without membersip fees.

    I still like using OKCupid and will continue to use the site.

  4. Kameshwari,

    Your comments are always welcome and enjoyable! The questions I just pose are food for thought and by no means meant to limit comments. I want to hear what you think, no matter what that may be.

    If I start a new poly dating site I'll be sure to let you know :)


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  6. I think this dating site is more focusing on the multiple of partners, I am not sure though.

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