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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Once a year lover.

Well, it is that time again. A new year is here bringing new challenges and dreams. But for me, one thing never changes.

This will come as a shock to some of you but once a year I get in touch with a lover of mine and for a few short months we have an intense physical relationship. Yes, I know, many of you are sitting there thinking "What the hell? That totally contradicts everything PP says!!" And you would be right in many ways. Yet in other ways, despite it being physically casual, the relationship is very fulfilling.

Maybe I should back up just a bit. I don't just call my lover out of the blue and say; "Hey, wanna hookup?". We both know well in advance the day is coming, and I think we both actually look forward to it. I know I do. Yet at the same time there is a tinge of fear in my heart to imagine once again being intimate with a lover I see only a few months out of every year.

The fear however is quickly replaced by anticipation and excitement. I think about the things we will do and how they will make me feel. I think about how much time we will spend together and contemplate how that will impact other things in my life, other loves. I try to prepare mentally and physically but, physically our relationship always leaves me spent, sore, and feeling somewhat inadequate regardless of the satisfying results.

When the day comes that we will get together it is almost ritualistic for me. I start mentally preparing early in the morning. I think about the things I want to do and how I will do them. I remember past experiences that I would like to relive, and a few I wouldn't. I dust off my hopes and dreams making them fresh and new. Then the actual preparation begins. I choose my clothing very carefully, intent not on creating an impression but rather on functionality. The things we plan to do together will dictate what I wear. Sometimes clothing that can be shed easily as the heat rises between us is required. Other times it is more about protection. This is simply a physical relationship after all. Speaking of protection, that is another focus during preparation. Things between us can be explosive at times requiring extra diligence. Safety is a very high priority as I get ready, properly preparing to ensure my physical and emotional well being.

One of the things I often have to prepare for is a threesome, or moresome. Yes, I know, some of you just gasped again. I do myself sometimes when I realize what is about to happen. Sometimes I know ahead of time that it will be more than just the two of us. Other times I don't know until the last minute. So again, preparation is key.

This year I knew when I was preparing to expect a threesome. I even knew who the other partner would be. A strong, aggressive partner I have experienced before that almost always leaves me sore and sweating. Even the sounds she makes explode in my ears, staying with me for days. In the past I've had to actually coax this partner to perform but not this year. This time she was ready, willing, able and delivered just as I expected.

When I saw the two of them I actually shivered. Their sleek curves leading to functional form that was obviously designed with a single purpose in mind. I couldn't wait to get my hands on them, to feel their curves before gripping them tightly and getting down to business. I knew I would test them both, push them to their limits and maybe even beyond. I would demand they perform in every way, just as I knew they would demand the same from me. We would create a harmony of physical action that would literally change the landscape around us. We would be a force even nature would have to respect.

At last, the moment was here. I walked over to them and grabbed a hold of my lover. I remembered the feel of her shape and weight, how well she fit in my hands. I pulled her to me, ready for what was about to come. Turning away, I looked back over my shoulder and said seductively to the snow blower, "You are next" as the snow shovel and I headed out the garage door to explore the depths of six inches of snow together, once again.


  1. Very nice! And just the laugh I needed.

    Thank you

  2. lovingmorethanone,

    Thanks :) I'm glad it gave you a good chuckle!