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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jumping on the bandwagon!

Is Charlie Sheen the next polyamory poster-boy?

Yep, I am jumping on the Charlie media wagon for a minute.

If you haven't been watching, Charlie Sheen has been on a media blitz lately. Apparently the producers of his show, Two And a Half Men, were unhappy with his substance abuse problems which prompted Sheen to become wildly agitated with them. In interviews recently he is talking about suing them, demanded payment for canceled shows, and generally verbally abused many people associated with the show.

As entertaining as all that is, what really got my attention was his interview with
Andrea Canning, part of which aired on Good Morning America.

Basically Sheen is living with and dating porn star Rachel Oberlin (aka. Bree Olson of Adam & Eve fame), along with Natalie Kenly, a graphic designer and former nanny. Oh, by the way, his soon to be ex-wife Brooke Mueller and his two sons with Brooke live in the home as well. Did I mention Sheen is 45 yrs old and the two women he is dating, his "Goddesses" as he calls them, are both 24 yrs old? Wait, I'm not done yet, Oberlin and Kenly apparently have a relationship with each other as well as with Sheen according to an interview of the group in the Los Angeles Times.

Okay, fine, he has some possible drug and alcohol problems, fair enough. Yes, I said "possibly" since he has recently passed repeated drug tests with flying colors. But is he really doing anything wrong? Maybe Sheen isn't the best role model at the moment and I will concede his actions lately seem to indicate either an addiction problem of some kind or a mental health issue. Yet, Sheen seems aware his behavior is somewhat strange but makes no excuses. In interviews it sounds like he is consciously living the crazy life and enjoying it as much as he can. Mid-life crisis anyone?

Okay, I was kidding about Charlie Sheen being the next polyamory poster-boy. I don't think what he is doing with his two Goddesses can, at least at this point, be considered polyamory. Just good clean (or is that good dirty?) fun. Though he has professed the desire to marry them both, which could launch him into the polygamy camp.

I've enjoyed the show Two And a Half Men for a while now and more than once thought how Charlie's character on the show, Charlie, could possibly be poly and not know it. I've also considered the contrast between the two main characters and how their lives are only interesting because of the contrast between a closet-poly (Charlie) and a die-hard monogamist (Alan). Now it appears Charlie has taken his characters life to heart and is even going a step further by openly living with two women and expressing his interest in marrying them both.

Whatever happens, I think Charlie is about to provide us all with a wonderful roller-coaster of a ride for a while. I just hope for his sake, and others involved, the thing stays on the tracks until it can come to a smooth stop.

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