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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pregnant Polys pursued for production.

*Note: I was contacted and asked to get this information out to the community so I am simply passing it along. Please perform your own due diligence if you are interested in appearing in the program.*

A large cable health network is casting expectant mothers who are involved in polyamorous relationships for a series about pregnancy. Our goal is to shed light on non-manogamy as a healthy alternative to dealing with relationships and also how it can serve as a solid foundation for building a family.

We would like you to share your story on our show. Chosen participants will be filmed for a total of 5 days and there will be financial compensation granted for your time.

• Pregnant women involved in polyamorous relationships.

This program is part of a six-part series on pregnancy. Each episode follows an expectant mom as she deals with the ups and downs of pregnancy while navigating through her unique set of circumstances.

If you are pregnant and have an interesting story to share, we’d love to hear from you.
IPA2casting @ (no spaces) / 301-920-9875

Update: I spoke to a friend who explored this a bit and she reports the series is for TLC. I recommend you look at some other TLC poly/alternative sexuality focused series' to get an idea of the end result you can expect.


  1. I find this fascinating. Assuming (perhaps wrongly) that TLC doesn't present a series on one dude and his pregnant women, I'd be interested in seeing this. I spitballed with the idea of kids in poly, and was intrigued. Not going to go there, but would love to see a healthy poly family in action. I don't find Sister Wives a healthy example of poly-I hate that it's presented as patriarchal. If it works for them, great, but it annoys the hell out of me that the few poly shows are about 1 man and 3 women (I'm thinking Big Love here too). Of course the women have no other relationships. Reinforces the old fashioned idea that women don't want sex like men do, and poly serves men. The poly people that I know that seem healthy are the ones in which all partners have more than one relationship.

    PP-Can you share more on your living arrangements? You mentioned having a daughter, I think, and I'd love to hear more about how you make it all work.

  2. Walkietalkieooo,

    The friend I mentioned said she felt they were trying to actually do a well balanced, honest look at polyamory and family with a focus on raising children. She chose not to participate for personal reasons, primarily (I believe) because she would have no rights to her recorded image and got the impression it could be used in various ways for years to come.

    I know what you mean about some of the shows which have come out recently not being a fair representation of Poly.

    I actually have two kids, both living with me full-time, both teenagers. One girl and one boy. My philosophy has never been to try and teach my kids about relationship styles but rather to show them that having multiple relationships at the same time is fine, just as monogamy is fine. I have never felt the need to discuss my sex life with them, or to try and explain myself, but have made it clear over the years that they are more than welcome to ask questions of me or my partners. What I seem to have raised so far are two kids who make their own decisions about who they like (their partners and mine) and seem much more focused on finding a fit with their relationships rather than just finding someone to date. They both also seem to value honesty in relationships while being open to non-traditional relationship styles.

    The one thing I do try to avoid however is having different, regular overnight visitors when the kids are home. One of my partners does stay over when the kids are home, the other does not. That started when the kids were very young. I didn't want them to see a parade of people in my bed as they had seen with their mother, which seemed to upset and confuse them quite a bit. Though they are older now and it probably isn't an issue anymore, it also hasn't come up. (I prefer to have overnights when the kids aren't home simply because it allows me more freedom, if you know what I mean).

    What my kids do see is that their Dad is open about having more than one partner at a time. They know they can talk about each of my partners in front of the others and hear me talk about my partners to my other partners. They also see that my relationships don't seem to end, but simply change. Often an 'ending' to my relationships is actually just an ending to the sex (which they don't see), but the love and friendship (which they do see) continues.

    With two teenagers and the way polyamory is becoming more acceptable I think the future will be quite interesting for me!


  3. This is the producer of the series and we are still looking for a pregnant poylamorous woman to profile, so thank you for reposting. can let your friend know that she is right that we would hold the rights to the footage, but she can make it very clear in writing that the footage of her cannot be used in anything other than our program.


  4. Amy,

    Thanks for the clarification. I will be sure to share that information with my friend and the other groups with which I have shared the information.