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Friday, October 17, 2014

New indie film project: Women... and Sometimes Men

Women... and Sometimes Men is an interesting looking project from Lesley Demetriades that follows the story of Sara, a woman who realizes there are more options, and possibly satisfaction, to love. The story engages the concept of creating relationships that are fulfilling rather than conforming to social norms, with exploration along the way into the psychology and circumstance that drive Sara to re-examine the love in her life.

After a brief reading of the script Women... and Sometimes Men is more than intriguing. The characters feel well developed and the story doesn't cringe from the realities that come with alternative relationships and lifestyles. Nor does it feel there is judgment involved in any aspect. The result is a well-rounded storyline challenging societal norms from a personal perspective but with one foot firmly planted in reality.

Written by Matthew Holtzclaw, a featured writer for the NYC Fringe, Lesley has taken the approach of crowd-funding the project via, an online community for artists to present their projects and secure funding via contributions for specific works.

For more information about the project check out the Hatchfund page at:

And for more information about the production company: 

While I'm not posting this for the purpose of fundraising, but rather simply supporting awareness of choice when it comes to relationship and sexuality, I do hope those of you who see the benefit to this type of project will consider contributing to Women... and Sometimes Men.

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From the Women... and Sometimes Men press release:

OCTOBER 15, 2014 – Lesley Demetriades is launching her first directorial film project
Women… and Sometimes Men on Hatchfund.
The story of Women… and Sometimes Men follows Sara – a woman in crisis. Engaged
for one day, she decides to call off her marriage. Quirky, beautiful, and tender, she is
working on being honest and answering some big questions. Having had a short
relationship with a woman in college, Sara seeks that feeling again… or at least to
understand it. How can she have a woman’s touch without giving up men entirely? This
question launches Sara on a bittersweet journey filled with self-discovery, sexual
awakening, beautiful women… and sometimes men. The film will be shot in New York
City on a micro budget of $13,000. The production team will be utilizing locations in the
Brooklyn area.
From The Production Team: We live in a world very much affected by people's
perceptions. Ask a person what he or she believes is right and wrong in our world and
each person will provide a different answer. So what is the "right" way to live and love?
The quest to answer what is "wrong or right" becomes even more intriguing when it
comes to human sexuality. We are excited to offer up this quirky, offbeat and thoughtful
film. "Women... and Sometimes Men" is a conversation about creating your own contract
of marriage, your own kind of relationship. It celebrates the shades of gray in our world.
It allows a place and space for everyone to love how and whom they wish. It pays
homage to the complex female awareness. It explores some of the places people look
when on a journey to find themselves, especially the journey within.
To make a tax-deductible donation to Lesley’s campaign, please click here: