Ask Polyamory Paradigm

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Resource Links
Site by Franklin Veaux with good basic information on Polyamory written with an easy to read style.

Site with some good nuts and bolts poly information. Site appears to be quite static.

The Polyamory Society
Good site with large amount of technical information and links to resources.

Loving More
Well rounded site with good hard and soft information. Magazine is good, requires paid subscription. Robyn and Jesus keep the site updated fairly frequently whereas a lot of other sites are static pages anymore. ForumsQuite a few public poly forums that are active.

PolyamoryOnline aka. Polyamorous Percolations
Another good nuts and bolts site that seems to be updated somewhat regularly.

Polyamory Lovestory blog
Nice blog about a journey through polyamory written as a narrative.

Poly Mom
Wonderfully down to earth blog about PolyMom's life and polyamory journey. Very well written and intelligent first person perspective.

Australian focused Polyamory networking site.

Loving More Than One
Very enjoyable blog written by a woman in a Poly Quad.

Site that provides advice and reviews of online adult dating sites, including discount coupons.

Site that provides reviews and information about different online dating sites.