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About this Definitions page. This page isn't meant as an absolute or official dictionary of terms. Rather it is a convenient way for me to keep track of things and for you to know what I am talking about. If you aren't sure how I'm using a word or acronym, check here. If you want an exhaustive definition with pronounciation, history, correct spelling and references there are much better sources out there than me or this page. If I have something here ridiculously wrong, please let me know. Likewise if you see words or acronyms in articles here and aren't finding definitions on this page, please let me know and I will do my best to add them.
And finally, this is a living page. Things will be added, removed, or edited as needed.

Accidental Monogamy
The result of you and your SO not having any other partners for a while. You plan more and more time together and at some point realize you have been seeing only each other for a significant amount of time. Not something that happens on purpose, but instead happens naturally.
Source: Me

Accidental Polyamory (This one is still a concept in progress).
1. Finding yourself in love with multiple people at the same time.
2. The closing of a previously open relationship with multiple partners by redefining the relationship as fidelitous.
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Taking pleasure in your partner's pleasure with another person. Simply stated: The opposite of jealousy. (More on this later as I don't feel this definition is complete yet).
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Emotional Monogamy
The idea someone can share their body with others but might not have (or is prohibited from having) an emotional relationship with them. Emotionally they are Monogamous (committed to one person), physically they practice Ethical Non-Monogamy.
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Group Marriage:
See Polygynandry

A partner's partner. Usually without a shared direct relationship.
Ex. Bill is one of my SO's, Ethel is his OSO. Ethel and I don't have a relationship other than friends. Ethel is Bill's Metamour.
Source: Me

Misandry (Misandrist):
Hatred or contempt of men or boys. Antonym of Philandry.
Source: Me and Wiktionary.

Hatred of mankind in general.
Source: Me and Wiktionary.

Misogyny (Misogynist):
The hatred of women. Antonym of Philogyny.
Source: Me and Wiktionary.

Technically the word means a marriage or union that is sexually exclusive or "one spouse at a time". Generally the word Monogamy is used when referring to sexual exclusivity regardless of marriage or union.
Source: Me.

See: Polyamory

See: Polygynandry

OPP - Either One Penis Policy or One Pussy Policy: This is a rule found in some poly relationships that can apply to either gender.
Ex: OPP applied to a female would mean she can only have intercourse with one particular male but may be able to do anything she wants with other males. It could also mean she only has physical relations of any kind with a particular male but can have physical relations with any females she wishes.
Ex: OPP applied to a male might mean he could only have intercourse with one particular female but can have any other type of physical relations with other females. He might also be able to have physical relations with any other males he wishes.
Source: Me

OSO - Other(s) Significant Other
1. Used to refer to one of your partners by someone having multiple partners. Usually indicates someone in a non-Primary role. Ex: Bob is my husband or SO, Bill is my OSO.
2. Used to refer to an SO's other partner. Ex. Bill is one of my SO's, Ethel is his OSO.
3. See also Metamour
Source: Me

1. One that serves as a pattern or model.
2. A set or list of all the inflectional forms of a word or of one of its grammatical categories: the paradigm of an irregular verb.
3. A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline.
Source: Free Online Dictionary

Philandry (Philandrist):
The love of men. Antonym of Misandry. (This sounds as if it would apply primarily to women but the term Philanderer -to have casual sex with a woman or women; unfaithful- is usually used in reference to a promiscuous male). Are the words Philandry and Philanderer related?
Source: Me and Wiktionary.

Philogyny (Philogynist):
The love of women. Antonym of Misogyny.
Source: Me and Wiktionary.

1. Any of various practices involving relationships with multiple partners with the knowledge and consent of all involved.
Source: Wiktionary.
2. The idea that having relationships with multiple persons simultaneously is a good idea and will be lots of fun! (Yes, that was a joke).
Source: Me.
3. The open exploration of multiple, possibly simultaneous, relationships of varying intimacy levels with the full knowledge and understanding of everyone involved. (This is a very simple but incomplete definition).
Source: Me
4. Related:
a. Multiamory, Polyphilia. (Multiamorous, Polyphilious).
These words are commonly accepted as meaning the same as Polyamory. Technically Polyamory is the mixing of Greek and Latin roots so some linguists and polyglots take issue with the word. Multiamory and Polyphilia are apparently single root words with roughly the same meaning as Polyamory.
Source: Me, with a little help from my friends.

Someone who is a vocal proponent of the Polyamory lifestyle and firmly extols the virtues of the lifestyle. These types of people don't however believe Polyamory is the only lifestyle. They are tolerant of other choices and respect that Polyamory may not work for everyone. They don't try to convince people to become poly, or try to change their minds about poly. They simply defend their own choices and answer questions politely when asked. These are the advocates for a poly lifestyle.
Source: Me.

This is someone who is vehement in their polyamorous beliefs. Given any opportunity they will lecture those around them, extolling the virtues of poly. They are happy to explain how the poly lifestyle is better than monogamy in every respect. For some it almost seems poly is a religion and it is their goal to convert as many non-believers as possible. For them, there is no other way. These are the people who believe the herd is ignorant and has to be shown the way, by force if necessary.
Source: Me.

The practice of a woman marrying or being married to two or more men at the same time. Covered by the term Polygamy.
Source: Me and Wiktionary.

The practice of being married to more than one person at a time. Covers the terms Polyandry, Polygyny, and Polygynandry.
Source: Me and Wiktionary.

Polygynandry (Group Marriage) aka. Omnigamy:
The practice of two or more men (or women) married to two or more women (or men) in an exclusive relationship design.
Source: Me and Wiktionary.

The practice of a man marrying or being married to two or more women at the same time. Covered by the term Polygamy.
Source: Me and Wiktionary.


See: Polyamory

A person you usually have a committed relationship with. When using the term 'Primary' it usually indicates a relationship that takes priority over other relationships. I usually avoid using terms like this so you can probably find better definitions out there if you try.
Source: Me.

Relationship Anarchy:
Generally, the term is used to describe a concept built (commonly) of 8 guidelines which in summary basically state that there are no rules in relationships. Includes the idea that relationships should be treated individually, without bias of social concepts or comparision to other relationships past or present. Currently "RA" is gaining popularity in Sweden (where it apparently originated) and New Zealand. Rather than try to explain the concept here are a couple of links to good resources:
Polyamory UK site with RA translation. From Andie Nordgren

Post from journal of Richard Levitte.

Serial Monogamy:
Lifestyle defined by a series of *sexually* faithful relationships one after the other. A key point is that relationships don't overlap. One relationship is ended before the next begins.
Emphasis on *sexually* because serial monogamy can be practiced by those not married or even living together. (See definition of Monogamy).
Source: Me.

SO - Significant Other:
When speaking about Poly this can have a few different meanings but always indicates a romantic relationship:
1. An SO can be someone with whom you have a serious committed relationship that isn't legally recognized or is somewhat casual. Ex: Bill is my SO, but we aren't married, just living together.
2. SO can refer to someone in a secondary position. Ex: Bob and I are married, Bill is my SO.
3. SO is also used to refer to a partner with gender neutrality in some lifestyles.
4. See also: OSO
Source: Me.

Committed relationship between three people.